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Save Hundreds of Dollars -  A Refreshing Way To Purchase Your Next Vehicle

Welcome to our website: AutoAuction2You.com.  My name is Bob Harrington, owner and operator of Harrington Auto Sales. As a NYS Registered and Bonded Auto Dealer,  I can help you find the vehicle you want, at a price you can afford. I serve clients in Western New York and Northern PA.  I am your personal sales agent. Through 22 years of business experience, I offer a unique and personal service that makes auto buying extremely affordable, straight forward, and easy.  My wife, Kelley and I, will even show and deliver vehicles right to your home as an option!

I can buy the best values from trade-ins, lease returns, and overstocked inventory from Franchise Dealers and Dealer Only Auto Auctions.  Due to low overhead and not having to inventory large quantities of vehicles,  I can pass huge savings along to you!  If you are looking for a specific auto, I can get it for also.  You will get the most efficient and cost effective way to buy a vehicle. 

I am not a traditional car lot dealer; although, I do try to keep vehicles on hand at all times (check out in-stock vehicles below), I offer more of a unique buying service for you.  This saves you time, lots of money, and it will get you the vehicle you want.

Straight-up pricing

No haggling - No secrets! - You pay far below Market Value  (Market Value is Based on Similar Vehicles Sold in the Past 6 Months in our Surrounding Zip Code).  All our vehicles that are listed online have been Market Valued through a 3rd Party Vendor - Powered by Vin Audit.  The Market Value is listed, along with the VIN #, the Recent History Report,  the Current Mileage, and the Standing Condition.  This Report is Clearly displayed in all our listing!

Buying from a Private Seller? - Buyer Beware!

You may have the concept
that buying from a private seller is best because you can get a better "deal."  This may be true, but you should understand the whole truth.  A private seller has no obligation or regulation to sell you a good vehicle or a clear/clean title.  Many times they are just getting rid of their big problem.  A privately sold vehicle is sold "as is."  The vehicle could have a major breakdown when you drive out the seller's driveway...... and guess what?.....You bought it - It's Yours! - There is no recourse.

As a registered and bonded auto dealer, we are under strict government guidelines and are required to sell you a vehicle that has been mechanically inspected and deemed road-worthy.  When you buy from AutoAuction2you, you get the best of both worlds.  You get wholesale pricing, (maybe a better deal than private seller value) along with a retail quality vehicle.  All of our vehicles are run through  an independent, licensed mechanic shop. They are NYS safety and emissions inspected, brought to regulated NYS -DMV standards and have a clear/clean title. We also include a 30 day warranty even if the vehicle is over 100k miles.

Here's how it works

1) Establish what type of vehicle you want to purchase.  This would be a range of year, make, and model. If you need direction just give me a call.  I can help you with what is hot, what is not, and what vehicle may be right for you.  We may have something in-stock already so check out our quickly changing in-stock vehicles below.

2) Know your budget range.  This will be a range for me to search the Pre-Sale Auction Data Base.

3) Fill out the "Submit Inquiry" form.  (link at the top of this page)

4) I will search the pre-sale auction/dealer trade-in databases:  Once I find the vehicles that match your criteria, you will get a list of vehicles and prices via email.  You will see exactly what you will pay for the vehicle(s).  The more specific vehicle requirements you have,  the longer it may take to find the vehicle.  The usual process will take on average of 1 week.

5) Decide on a vehicle.  Firm up which vehicle you want to purchase.  I will help you with this process.  I will get you as much information as I can on the vehicle and sometimes can get pre-sale pics too.

6) I will go and purchase the vehicle for you.  A deposit or pre-payment may be required if the vehicle is unique or expensive.  If the vehicle is something that I normally sell on the lot then a deposit will not be required.

7) We will have the vehicle delivered to our retail location.  Once purchased, it usually takes 1 to 2 days for delivery.

8) We will register, plate, and NYS inspect the vehicle.
Your vehicle will be inspected by a Certified NYS Inspection Station (NYS  residents only).  Tax, registration, and NYS inspection fees are additional.  If the vehicle needs tires, wipers, brakes, or anything else to pass inspection and to make the vehicle a good running, safe and sound vehicle, then this will be included at no additional cost.

9) If you purchase the pre-owned service warranty, the vehicle will be fully covered when you drive it off the lot.
  This is huge. Protect yourself and your investment! See below for more details.

Save Thousands $$$

                                       Great Deals - In Stock Wholesale Vehicles
     Note: Some Cash Price Stock Vehicles Are Unique, Once Sold They May Not Be Able To Be Duplicated Again
    Stock Vehicle - In House -  07/12/18

         Get Retail Quality Vehicles at Well Below Blue Book Value - Get the Best of Both Worlds.
GREAT WHOLESALE DEALS:  We Now Accept Credit Cards at No Additional Charge

2009 Mazda3 - 4 Door Sedan - Only 71k Miles - List Price -$8995- Our Price - $5450

2010 Chevy Impala LT 4 Door Sedan - 92k Miles - List Price - $8995 - Our Price - $5450

2010 Ford Fusion SE 4 Door Sedan -  94k Miles - List Price - $9495 - Our Price - $5750

2005 Honda Odyssey Touring Edition - 122k Miles - List Price - $8995 - Our Price - $5450

People ask, "How can you make money by offering such low prices?"

As a NYS Certified and Bonded Dealer, I offer more of a service than a retail sales business.  I stay in business by simply  maintaining  low overhead, while offering a unique personalized service to help people find the right vehicle at the right price.  A traditional car lot dealer can not afford to conduct business this way because of inventory costs and overhead.  My business model is completely different, so I pass the saving along to you. 

Let me make it clear - you are not getting ripped off at most car lot dealerships - I have friends in the industry.  Many are honest dealers, who will give you a fair deal but they have to charge a retail price to stay in business and remain profitable.  My business model is different; I have reduced much of the traditional overhead costs which a standard dealer incurs. I do not take in trade-in which helps to maintain good clean inventory.  I also have years of good relations with the Franchise Dealers (Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Honda, etc)  -  carefully buying good quality  fresh trade-ins weekly.  This is why I can get you the right vehicle, for the right price, as your personal auto agent.

Also, I am not a  Buy Here Pay Here - Though some people may need a "Buy Here Pay Here Service" that customer should expect to pay a hefty overpriced retail dollar for the vehicle.

Unfortunately, with our business model we face 2 primary problems:

1: Convincing customers that yes, these are real prices, no hidden costs or salvage histories on our vehicles - just good quality vehicles, with clear titles, at affordable prices . 

2: "Hurry, these won't last."  Many people have become disappointed when taking a few days to "think about it" and then calling back to find the vehicle has been sold.  No, it's not a sales pitch.  Since we sell at discounted/wholesale prices, our inventory moves very quickly.

 Protect Your Investment! 

You may purchase a Penn Warranty for your pre-owned vehicle!
  Protect yourself and your investment!  This can be done easily and extremely affordable.  Have peace of mind and security knowing that your car is covered for any major repairs or breakdowns.  It is the best $375 annual fee you could ever spend....protect your investment.

I buy only
Green Light vehicles.
A Green Light vehicle at an auction or at a franchise dealer; this means: the vehicle is in good condition, and no major system problems are detected.  It also means that the title is NOT salvage. It is a CLEAR AND CLEAN title. With that said, PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT!  Even if you are buying a brand new car, something can go wrong.  I offer Penn Warranty Service Plans.  Penn Warranty is the absolute best warranty company in the industry; there are no hassles using their service and they pay the shop directly!

1) Get a Penn Warranty Complete Power Train Plan - 
$375 for 12 Months.
2) Get a Penn Warranty Complete Standard Plan - $550 for 12 Months.

If a breakdown ever occurs, you can take your vehicle to the mechanic of your choice.  The service contract will also cover towing and rental car expenses and will pay a $65 per hour labor rate.  I do not mark the contracts up - I consider this a service to my clients.  Most dealerships will mark service contracts up by 200%  or more!  You may go to Penn Warranty's site at:  Pennwarranty.com  for contract details.  Don't pass this service up.  I want you to have the best possible experience and make sure you are a satisfied customer!  Repeat business and word of mouth are my most precious commodities.

Condition Your Vehicle

Treat your new pre-owned vehicle like a lady!

Direct From The Auction House.  Professional Detailing Will Make Your New Pre-Owned Vehicle Look Like New!

Complete Detail $100.00
Interior cleaned and dressed; Engine high pressure wash, degrease, and dress; Exterior wash, windows, high speed buff and wax, tires dressed and wells blackened

 Trucks, Cars, Luxury and Sport Vehicles! 

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If you would like to see a stock vehicle you must make an appointment - By appointment only.
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