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$50 Referal

Ok, it has been said..."The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil"  But if you don't "love money" and could use some extra cash - Here's how you can get it!

$50 For Your Words!

Get a Government "Grant" for each referral

"It is simple.  As you probably already know, the deal you can get from autoauction2you is something to shout about!  Since word of mouth is our main advertising tool, you will get paid to advertise for us.  If you have purchased a vehicle from us and refer any purchasing customer to us,  you will receive a $50 check. Just have the customer let us know that you referred us, and you will be rewarded $50 every time!  Some may count it as their part time job - by just telling others the good news about getting a vehicle - direct - wholesale pricing - right from the auction!" 


Bob and Kelley Harrington
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