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This is the way to start an inquiry. There is no high pressure sales involved. I will simply search the dealer auction pre-sale data and find a vehicle and quote you a price.
Fill in your information. I will begin to search for a vehicle for you - Direct Franchise Trade-Ins (Chevy, Ford, Honda, Dodge, Toyota, Subaru etc) and Dealer Auctions. Please tell me what you are looking for, what price range, and any other detail or preferences you can think of.  This will begin the process. I will search the trade-in list from the franchise groups and auctions and be in contact with you. Note: Please be reasonable with your budget price and expectations.
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Q's - Are you ready to buy now or are you waiting on funds (tax returns, replacement insurance check etc)? *
Q's - Do you need financing from us or would you be a Cash/Check customer? If you have a pre-approval from your lender or know you can easily attain funding please let us know here*
This is where you tell me what you are looking for and what your budget is.  You can be as specific as you want or more generalized. Just note - the more specific you are, the longer and more difficult the process can be.  I buy 2 times a week so the process or purchasing a generalized request can be fairly quick and easy

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